Job Application Form - Programme Manager

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Discover Warburtons Wheat Farm in a Box

Thank you for your interest in working for The Country Trust

Please use this online form to complete your application. Please note, there is no option to save this form during the process, therefore, you may wish to prepare in advance on a Word document or similar.

How we handle your data.

By entering your personal information into this form you are permitting The Country Trust to access and use the information for recruitment purposes only.

We will store your details for the recruitment period, plus 6 months. Our job applicant privacy notice can be found by clicking this link - Data Policy

Should you wish to remove your details prior to planned deletion or for any other queries about how your information is handled, please contact The Country Trust directly – [email protected]

What you need apply

Contact details:

  • National Insurance Number
  • Details of your education - please tell us about all qualifications relevant to your application back to GCSE level
  • Employment history - please give us a full employment history starting with most recent, and use the additional information box to explain any gaps if appropriate
  • Details of any convictions


  • Referee One: Your present/last employer
  • Referee Two: A personal referee. Not a relative.

Your answers to the following questions (no more than 300 words on each question). More detailed guidance is given for each question on the form.

  • Why are you a great fit for this role
  • Your multi-disciplinary project management experience
  • Your part in developing, managing or delivering educational programmes
  • Your understanding of the term 'disadvantage' and how food, farming and countryside experiences benefit children
  • Learning and problem solving - examples of your ability to reflect, learn and improve thinking
  • A recent relevant achievement that you are particularly proud of